We are a concert band based in Rosyth.  As a community wind band we welcome musicians of all standards.  Our only stipulation is that members are over the age of 9 years.

Our emphasis is on having fun with music.  We see a rehearsal not only as an opportunity to play music but also a way to meet up with other people with a similar interest.  If you play a wind band instrument, or did so in the past and it’s now lying in the attic gathering dust, come and join us.

We often support other organisations in their fundraising by playing concerts for them.  So if you are an event organiser looking for a band feel free to contact us and we can discuss options.

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Following the relaxation of COVID restrictions, the Band’s activities have resumed. Following the 2021/2022 festive period, rehearsals are expected to restart on Monday 24 January 2022 and continue each Monday thereafter, starting at 7.00 pm in the Rosyth Baptist Church Hall. However, would members please note, and follow, the guidance set out later in this website.

About Us

Rosyth Concert Band is a phoenix that rose from the ashes.  Originally a Boys Brigade band at the Parish Church in Rosyth, when the band folded some members of the congregation got together to carry on with some of the youngsters who wanted to continue and meet weekly to keep up the musical tradition.

From a time when the band consisted of a dozen or so musicians playing a myriad of instruments; flutes, recorders, clarinets, trumpets, valve trombones and front facing baritones playing from Brass Band music, it has evolved into a fully functioning wind band.

Nowadays we are able to field most of the standard instruments comprising a wind band including flutes, clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, trombones, tubas, horns, keyboard and percussion.  

Our emphasis is on enjoying our music.  We are a community band supporting events locally and in the surrounding areas.  We enjoy nothing more than performing in public for other’s enjoyment and are happiest when someone asks us to play at their event.

The Band members are volunteers and they have performed over many years in support of fundraising for local community groups and national charities. Most recently, these include, the Langtoun Jazz Festival, Kirkcaldy Old Kirk Tower Fund, ‘Playlist for Life’, Burntisland Community Council Christmas Lights Appeal and Dalgety Bay Gala..  If you are holding an event and think you’d enjoy having a band then contact us and we can discuss options.

Recent Events

The Band’s concert in Burntisland in November 2019 was to support the work of the local community council and the efforts of its Christmas Lights Fundraising Group. This picture shows the Band’s MD, Bill McCance (far right), band member Richard Perry and members of the Community Council.

The Rosyth Concert Band Christmas Concert 2019 at Rosyth Parish Church.

The band rehearses in the Baptist Church Hall in Rosyth on a Monday evening.

Forthcoming Concerts and Events

In light of the COVID 19/Corona Virus situation, there are no planned concerts at present but, as and as the Band is now able to resume its activities, forthcoming events will be listed here.

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RCB – attendance at rehearsals

Practices will be held in the Rosyth Baptist Church Hall. We are grateful to the church for allowing this. Please follow these rules which are for our mutual benefit. Over time we expect to be able to ease some of them.

  • If you do not feel well – related in any way to virus symptoms – do not attend.
  • Bring your instrument, a stand and (depending on how you empty your instrument) a towel or a plastic container
  • Come into the Hall by the its main front door, one person at a time.
  • Wear a face mask until you sit down.
  • Sign in (essential for tracking purposes) and sanitise your hands
  • You will be given your folder of music and a plastic sheet to go under your chair.
  • Go directly to your seat. Keep your belongings – coat, case, etc, with you.  Maintain one metre distancing throughout
  • Position your plastic sheet and your towel/container to ensure that no spit can land on the floor. Take great care with this throughout the practice.
  • Enjoy playing!!!!!
  • There will be no break. Bring your own water bottle.
  • One person at a time in the corridor for the toilet. Hand sanitizer will be provided.
  • At the end you will be dismissed one at a time (schoolteacher style!). Make sure your plastic sheet is clean. Leave your music and your plastic sheet in the boxes at the door. Leave quickly and do any socializing outside.